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Changing Black Hair Into Blonde


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Coloring a black hair is considered to be one of the difficult beauty tasks as they are so dark which makes it hard to cover using another color. Coloring a black hair with blonde can be a very difficult process as they are complete opposite on hair color spectrum. The coloring process is usually done over a period of time for best results. Just follow these steps to change your black hair into blonde hair.
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First wash your hair as usual and use a deep conditioner that moisturizes your hair. The conditioner can help to avoid a fried look after completing the styling process. Use a hair-color stripper on your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes to remove the black pigment from your hair. Rinse the stripper from your hair to see brittle or orange hue on the hair. Continue the styling next by applying a leave-in conditioner once or twice. Now you can start applying the blond color on your hair by following the instructions on the packaging. Try to color the hair by dividing it into different sections. Then rinse the hair completely until the water runs clean and make sure to use shampoo to wash the hair. Condition the hair and leave the hair for about two days before performing a normal wash. Conditioning the hair is one of the most important part in maintaining healthy hair and it is also important while coloring the hair.
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