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Short Layered Cut


short layered cut short layered cut2
A short layered cut is a flattering haircut that can look good on all face shapes. This hairstyle can work with different type of hair starting from short to long.  Start the styling process by dividing the hair into 7 sections such as left side, right side, left crown, right crown, top, left nape and right nape.
short layered cut3 short layered cut4

short layered cut5 short layered cut6
Comb the hair in front to guide the rest of the haircut. Start cutting the hair by holding it between the index and middle finger. Move around the left side of your head until you reach the ear and do the same on the right side. Go to the center back of your head and use the same technique. Then work around the left side of your head using the index and middle fingers by keeping the hair pulled straight till you reach the ear. Blend front and back lines together near each ear and go to the right as well as left nape sections. Brush your hair down at the center of the back of your neck to cut a small vertical angle about 45 degree. Take left side and right side of your hair to cut a small 45 degree vertical angle a little bit shorter than the previous. Now take two parts from the top section and work around front left as well as front right sides of your head using the original cuts as a guide. Finally Work your way back to front and side to side.
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