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Taking Care Of Samoan Hair


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Samoan hair is considered to be a very difficult hair to control and style as it will be extremely curly. The curliness in this hair usually ranges from loose curls to tighter corkscrew curls. It is also prone to breakage when it is not taken care properly. While using a new hair product, make sure to read the instructions and ingredients available in it. Having a softer hair can be very easier to manage that can be achieved by going to a hairstylist or even at home. Here are few steps to control the Samoan hair at home.
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Always use a satin pillowcase to sleep at night as it can reduce chances of tangles in your hair. Brush the hair when it is still wet to prevent breakage and uneven hair. If you want to comb the wet hair use a special detangling brush which has wider spaces between its teeth. Condition the hair very often after washing it with a shampoo to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. Use coconut oil on your hair to strengthen it that reduces the chances of breakage. Blow dry the hair with a diffuser attachment as it can defrizz curly hair. Apply the hair products that can remove the frizz out of your hair. Use the Apply creams and butters for tight corkscrews which are more prone to breakage. The creams and butters can add moisture to your hair that can help to combat this.
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