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Using A Hair Straightening Comb


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A straightening comb is one of the easiest ways to straighten your hair within minutes. This tool must be used with the right amount of patience and following a proper technique. In case you are planning to make the hair straight at home, just follow this simple method to do it.
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First make your hair as straight as possible using the hand and brush to remove the tangles. Use a wide tooth comb for a thick hair to make straightening process less difficult. There are various types of straightening combs and each of them has their own advantage. Stove type straightening combs entails less heat strain on your hair causing very less damage and electric type straightening combs are much quicker than the Stove type. You must moisturize the hair before using any type of hair straightening combs. Use the stove type straightening comb keeping the metal comb part on a stove for about five minutes and put it on your hair to blow the hair away from the steam. The electric type can be just plugged in to set the heat setting and leave it to warm up. Now gently run the comb up through your hair just like you are ironing the clothes. Try to use the straightening comb on your hair section by section until all of the hair is completely straightened. Avoid touching the scalp of your hair and finally you will feel the hair is becoming easier to comb.
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