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Kate Bosworth’s Braided Mohawk


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Kate Bosworth is wearing a unique hairstyle known as the braided Mohawk which is capable of providing an outstanding look. This style can be worn for any special event as it also worn by many celebrities to look good. It is a fashion hairstyle that is also worn by teenagers and one of the most important thing is it can be achieved without shaving the head partially which is usually done with a Mohawk hairstyle. There are different methods that can be followed to achieve this look, but you can use this technique.
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To create a braided Mohawk, first wash your hair as usual with a shampoo and use a blow dryer to dry it. Then create sections in your hair to create the cornrow braids and make sure it lies flat against the scalp. Next bend the head to one side and make a part in the hair vertically using the rat tail comb from root to end. Try to make different sections on the other side of the head and divide the parted section using a duckbill clip. Now duplicate the size of your parted section for an even appearance and then take the duckbill clips to wrap a small elastic band on the cornrow. Braid the hair on all your cornrows to create a symmetrical Mohawk look and hold the end of the hair with elastic bands. Try to create straight or curly hair depending upon the length of the hair.
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