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Methods To Use Olive Oil Relaxer


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There are different methods that can be used to straighten your hair. Most of the people use chemical or other styling tools to straighten their hair that can cause damage to the hair easily. But there few methods that can be followed to make your hair straight and use a olive oil relaxers that are known to reduce the harsh chemicals which are used to straighten the curly hair. Just follow these steps to use the olive oil relaxers in a proper way on your hair.
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Use the hair oil over the entire hairline starting from top of your ears which will keep the skin away from burning. Then make a part in your hair into small sections and use the hair oil on your scalp. Now you must wear the hand gloves and mix the relaxer base using the activator by stirring it until the mixture becomes completely smooth. Next part the hair into four and spread the relaxer using the applicator part by part. Start from the top of your head and apply to the back sections. Now try to smoothen the relaxer through your hair with the back of the comb starting from top of your head. Rinse the relaxer with lukewarm water and add a neutralizing shampoo while washing the hair. Make sure that the relaxer has been completely removed from your hair and then apply a hair conditioner. Now you can style the hair using the wrap and a setting mousse.
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