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Nicki Minaj With Poodle Curls


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Nicki Minaj is wearing a hairstyle that has poodle like curls and it is a very unique style that can be worn for a special event. It is loosely based on the Lucille Ball hairstyle as it was first seen wearing by her. The hair must be at least lest medium to long in length to achieve this hairstyle with big curls. You can just use the following method to get this hairstyle at home without getting help from anyone, but make sure to select the right styling product to avoid damage to the hair.
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To get this style, start your styling process by washing the hair and divide your hair into different sections all over the head once the hair becomes fully dry. Then set each of the section in small rollers and make sure that your hair is left for in the roller for some time to achieve the curly look. There are many people who like to leave their hair in the rollers overnight and some of them also sit under a hot hair for drying their hair to achieve the curls. Now you can take the roller out of the hair and try to comb your hair starting from bottom to up. Try to keep a comb at the back of your head to create a poof on the poodle curls. You can end the styling process by misting all over your hair with a little amount of shining hairspray.
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