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Steps To Get Smokey Looking Hair


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Smokey hair color can give a very unique look to the hair which can be a perfect choice for young and old. Those who have a naturally gray hair used dye to tweak the hues to get a Smokey look and it has become a fashionable statement for both young men and women who like to color their hair in different shades of gray. It is important to follow the instructions mentioned on the bleaching kit and do not leave the hair color for a longer period as it can be harmful to your hair.
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To get a Smokey look in your hair, select the proper hair Smokey-hued hair color from the grocery store. Make sure to consider the skin tone while selecting the hair color. Next mix the bleach from bleaching kit and start applying it over the hair at the ends till the roots of the hair. Leave the mix on your hair for the time specified by the instructions mentioned on the kit. Then wash the hair as usual and dry it naturally. Continue the bleaching process till the hair becomes light yellow. Those who have a light color must mix gray hair color as to the instructions and spread it all over the hair. Leave the hair color on for the time specified by the instructions. Now wash your hair as usual and condition it. Make sure to use gray hair wash regularly to keep the color as it is.
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