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Updo With Front Poof


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Having a hairstyle with front poof can give an interesting look for anyone who wears it. It can be a perfect choice for those want to create an updo. This style can be matched with a proper outfit to get the most sophisticated look.
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Start the styling process on a day old hair to have extra oils in the hair. Then comb the hair to get rid any tangles and spread a smoothing cream all over the hair. Use the curling iron to smoothen the hair that can also help to add a soft body throughout. Work on the hair section by section until all of the hair has been smoothened. Next collect a small section of hair over the forehead which will be used for a front poof. Try to smooth this part of the hair gently with your fingers and twist it once. Press the section down with your middle and push the finger forward towards your forehead to create a slight poof in this section. Use a bobby pin to secure the poof and mist the hair with a little amount of hairspray. To add more to your hair, try to pull the hair up from the bobby pin. Take the remaining hair to create a ponytail by twist the hair and flip it up. Secure the long twist on the scalp halfway over the back of your head. At last mist hair with a generous amount of hairspray to keep the style in place.
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