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Changing Auburn Hair Into Dark Brown


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Auburn hair is a deep brown color in your hair along with a reddish undertone. It usually has different ranges in shades starting from light to dark and brilliant to a hint of red. It is difficult to cover the reddish tones while coloring the auburn hair. Here are few steps that can helpful in coloring a Auburn hair into dark brown, but avoid using a semi-permanent hair color as it can be harmful.
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First mix a semi-permanent dark brown color with ash color as per the manufacturer’s directions. You must start the coloring process a day old hair as a freshly washed hair will fail to provide the desired results. Put a towel on your shoulders and rub a petroleum jelly around the hairline to prevent the hair color from falling on the scalp. Start applying the hair color by wearing gloves in your hands to protect the skin. Color your hair all over the head from root to tip and avoid using it on your scalp. Then take the hair on top of your head and use a piece of plastic wrap around the head to keep your hair in place. Leave the hair color on your hair for about 15 minutes to set and rinse the hair with cool water till the water comes out clear from your hair. Then condition the tresses using the hair conditioner provided with the hair color box. Next rinse the hair again using cool water.
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