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Hairstyle With V-Shaped Bangs


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Creating a hairstyle with v-shaped bangs can give a completely unique look on any type of hair. To achieve this style you must have a straight hair and it also encircles the eyebrows adding more attention to your eyes as well as face. In case you are planning to cut the bangs for the first time try to get help from a hairstylist as it can be difficult to handle scissors while cutting the hair.
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First wash your hair and dry it as usual. Then straighten the hair to get a flat look using a flat iron. Take back the rest of your hair to secure it with a ponytail holder to keep the bang section separated from rest of your hair using a rat-tail comb. Try to trim your bangs across the forehead above the eyebrows and make sure to cut the hair straight by making small straight-line cuts using sharp scissors. Use trimmers to create two half-moon shapes in your bangs and start with shallow curves than large curves. Then comb your hair and continue to trim it with the electric trimmer to create the v-shape as per your desire. Next smooth the v-bangs in a pronounced shape with a proper hairstyling product such as a pomade and try to highlights or lowlights to make it look unique. You can also create a twisted V-shape by twisting your bangs together tightly and cut about 1/2 to 1 inch of hair.
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