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Heidi Klum’s Braided Ponytail


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Heidi Klum is wearing a braided ponytail that is known to be the most beautiful way of styling the hair for any special event. This hairstyle can be created on any type of hair, but make sure it is at least medium to long in length. It is a hairstyle that is also considered to provide a very styling look when it is perfectly matched with a proper outfit. Just follow this simple method to create this hairstyle at home without any help.
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It is very simple and easy to get this style, start your styling process by brushing the hair with a comb to remove knots and tangles. Next tilt your head back and take the entire hair in your hand to create a ponytail. Try to smoothen your hair with a hair brush to remove the bumps. Now secure your ponytail with a holder and try to pull a small bunch of hair at the bottom. Try to wrap this part of the hair around the ponytail holder and tuck the hair ends in the bottom side of your ponytail holder. Now separate your hair from the ponytail holder into three different sections to cross the right section over middle to make the middle section as the right section and right section as the middle. Continue crossing your hair on each other in the same manner till you reach the end and secure it in place using a ponytail holder.
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