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Cocoon Curls


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A curly hairstyle is always one of the most liked styles among most of the people. There are different versions of a curly hair and one of them is called as a cocoon curls. In this hairstyle, there will be head of curls that can really give an interesting look. It is usually achieved using heat equipments, but there few steps that can used to get it overnight without them. Make sure to get all the necessary styling tools before start the styling process which includes hair brush, rat-tail comb, hairspray and a spray bottle. You can just use the following method to get this hairstyle without getting any help.
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To create this style, brush your hair with a comb to remove the tangles and take a small part of the hair. Start twisting your hair by keeping two fingers on top of the hair and then fold the twisted hair on your finger. Next twist the hair over and over with the remaining hair above the finger as well as bring out your hair through the finger loop. Use the same technique on the remaining hair to make it into tiny sections. Leave the hair as it is overnight and try to remove all the knots in the next morning to get the curls all over the head. This hairstyle can be made more unique if you wear it along with hair accessories such as a flower or a hair band.
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