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Methods To Prevent Curl Shrinkage


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A curly hairstyle can give a very beautiful look for everyone who wears it with a proper method. But the curly hair can shrink a lot which can spoil the look of the person who is wearing it. It is very common in all the curly hair, but it can be avoided by following few simple styling techniques.
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First use the hair products that have lactic acid that is expected to elongate the curls. Apply it over the hair after washing it with a shampoo and leave the hair for about 15 minutes. Then rinse the hair thoroughly and style the hair as usual. The next process is twisting the hair after washing and conditioning it by taking small sections. Then dry it using a hooded dryer and dry it naturally. You can also band the sections of your hair to make it stretch. Leave the hair with the band overnight or till the hair dries after washing and remove the bands. The next one is separating the hair into 4-8 sections to make a big braid and wash the hair with the braids which will prevent the hair from shrinking. The final option is blow drying the hair than air drying it which is considered to be the most effective ways to stretch your hair effectively. But avoid applying too much heat on the hair as it can make them weak. Only blow dry the hair after washing it and use a little amount of natural oils.
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