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Steps To Bleach A Virgin Hair


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The hair which is not been treated chemically is called as a virgin and it is a term that is mostly used in hair extensions. It is also much more expensive to bleach a virgin hair when compared to other hair types as it will soft and in great shape. This type of hair is usually treated chemically only as extensions.
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To start the styling process, wear a pair of hand gloves to prevent your skin from the bleaching process. Then put an old towel around your shoulder before taking the bleach kit. Make sure that the bleach kit contains a bottle of liquid hydrogen peroxide, a hair bleach brush, a bottle of powder bleach and a plastic bleach bowl. Try to read the instructions before using the bleach on your hair. Put the powder bleach in the plastic bowl and add a little amount of the hydrogen peroxide. Stir it together with the bleach brush until it has consistency of pancake batter. Dip your brush into the bleach to spread it over the hair. Wear a plastic cap on your head and leave the bleach to develop as per the instructions. In case you feel uncomfortable wearing the bleach, try to rinse the bleach out immediately with under warm water. Then wash your hair using a shampoo, and get a deep-conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning the hair is very important in this process as it can keep the hair healthy and moisturized.
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