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Super Straight Hairstyle


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A super straight hairstyle can give a simple and natural look for anyone who has medium to long hair. There is no need to get any help from a hairstylist to make the hair super straight as it can be done on your own at home by using few simple styling tools. If you have a curly hair and planning to change it into a super straight hair, just follow these simple steps to achieve it.
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First wash your hair with a shampoo and towel-dry it. Then comb your hair to remove the tangles and blow dry it. Then section off the hair and secure it with a hair clip. Take the clip from one of the sections to start the straightening process. Use a hot straightener around your hair section close to the roots, but keep it away from the scalp. Glide the straightener down by slightly turning it outwards as you reach the end of your hair. Avoid curving the straightener too much as you may curl the hair with a straightener. Try to straighten the same section again in case you have a thick hair. Next straighten the remaining sections by taking them out of the clip. Try to make smaller sections depending on thickness of the hair and make sure to move the straightener down the hair to pull it outwards slightly to get super straight tips. Get some practice of using the hair products and tools before using them on your natural hair.
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