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Zig Zag Cornrow Hairstyle


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A zig zag cornrow is a hairstyle that can add an individual flare to the standard cornrows. The method used to braid the cornrows is an underhand, upward motion which begins tight to your scalp. This hairstyle can also be worn for many weeks just like the usual cornrows.
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To get this hairstyle, wash your hair completely before starting the braiding process and brush the hair to make it tangle-free. If you have a straight hair, make sure to it longer than 7 centimeters and for minimum curly hair it must be 5 centimeters long. Use a leave-on conditioner on your hair which will it smoother and make it easier to braid the hair into cornrows. Divide your hair into sections and make an initial parting. Take the first panel and secure the rest of your hair with butterfly clips. Now pull a small part of hair from the first panel to divide it into three strands. Keep the fingers close to your scalp and try to cross the left strand under center strand and right strand under the center strand. Take a small strand of hair near to the braid and include it with the outer strand. Keep on moving from one side of the panel to other when adding strands which will help to create neat and even cornrows. Continue this process till you reach the end of your hair in a zig zag design. Finally secure the hair with a small rubber band.
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