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Hairstyle With Blonde Highlights


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Adding blonde highlights in your hair can help to brighten and add dimensions to the hair by accentuating your eyes as well as face. In the earlier days, this type of hairstyle was achieved by going to a saloon, but now you can add blonde highlights to your hair by sitting at home without getting help from a hairstylist.
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Start the styling process on a day old hair as a newly washed hair will not have all the natural oils. Select a blond color which is two shades lighter than the current hair color to make the highlights look natural. Then comb the hair to remove all the tangles and divide the hair into four sections. Take about 20 large aluminum foil rectangles to highlight the hair partially and 40 large aluminum foil to get full head of highlights. Take the styling kit by wearing gloves in your hands and mix the powder bleach along with the developer till it becomes completely dissolved. Pull a small section of hair using the back end of your highlighting brush and hold a foil underneath the section to color it with bleach, leaving about 1/4 inch from the roots. Take another section of hair over the foiled section to do the same. Use the same technique on the remaining sections of your hair and leave it for about 20-40 minutes. Now the hair will have blonde highlights that can be styled as per your desire.
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