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Styling A Three-Piece Weave


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Sewing a three-piece hair weave can be a difficult process and it is important to follow step-by-step instructions to style the hair in this way. The track-and-sew method is to sew three-piece hair weave along with a blunt needle to make a tight lock. This style can be achieved at home without going to a salon in less than an hour. The extensions are always secured at the base of the hair and weave will be attached to the cornrows.
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First secure all the hair around your hairline and make sure to stay about one inch away from the hairline. Check the partings as the weave can increase the length of your hair. The weaves are usually attached to the nape section of your head, so measure the width of your weave to check the length of the cornrows. Now cornrow your hair horizontally across the head and it must be of same width as the weave. Make sure that the ends of your cornrow are hidden and secure the ends using a rubber band. Sew in a three-piece weave with the track-and-sew method by taking lowest cornrow and move from nape to crown. Cut the thread twice the length of the weft and send the needle through your weft to connect it to the cornrow by pulling the thread through to make a loop. Now pass the needle through your loop to wrap the thread around needle and pull the loop tight to create a lock stitch.
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