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Taking Care Of Bad Roots


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Those who have visible roots can have a hard time in styling their hair. The hair which is straighter emphasizes the roots most and styling the hair with lift or texture is considered to be one of the best methods to hide roots. The hair roots can be hidden in two different way such as using a hair mascara and simple just styling it.
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To hide the roots with hair mascara, first take a brush out of your hair mascara tube and wipe it with a tissue to get a clean brush coated layer of product. Then brush the hair mascara onto the root section with small even strokes and use it in the manner that it blends with the hair color than painting a thick layer of color. Leave the hair for few seconds to make it dry and check if any area requires a second coat. Then use your fingertips to even out the application. The next option to cover the hair roots is by styling it in a proper way. First wash the hair as usual and condition it with lightweight products. Towel dry the hair and add a small amount of hair gel through the lengths or use a volumizing hairspray just over the roots. Blow dry the hair in sections and wrap each section around the radial brush to add more lift to your hair. Try to curl the ends underneath to make the hair sit as a tidy, volumized hairstyle.
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