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Progressive Hair Color


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Progressive hair color can be the best choice if you are planning to change your color of your hair slowly. This color can be used to change the blond hair into rich and dark brown hair.  It usually colors the hair more every time you apply it over the hair. After the first hair coloring, you will be able to find light hair and after a few more applications the hair color will start to change.
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Progressive hair color is a perfect choice for those who want to cover their gray hair. This color is considered to be a discrete way to cover the unwanted hair color. The progressive hair color can be purchased in any pharmacy shops and it is very easy to apply over the hair which doesn’t even need a hand gloves like other hair coloring products. This hair color does not contain peroxide or ammonia and the color easily penetrates into the hair. Once the hair color starts drying, it will turn into a synthetic pigment which can alters the hair color. It is usually considered to the best option for men who like to change their hair color gradually. You can avoid using the progressive hair in case the hair has been previously colored by a professional hairstylist. This type of hair color can change the color of your hair gradually from light straw to almost black with the sulfur of hair keratin and oxidizing on the hair surface.
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