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Taking Care Of Lumpy Hair


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A lumpy hair is very common among most of the people who like to pull their hair back to create a ponytail. This type of hair can be very disturbing for many as you can style the hair as per your desire. There are few things that can be used such as a flat iron to solve this problem. There are only two things that can used to deal with a lumpy looking hair such as washing it or using the ceramic flat iron.
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First as usual wash your hair and dry it which is the best option to solve this problem. In case the hair doesn’t come into the original shape, then if you have more time try to use a ceramic flat iron with the highest setting on your hair and make sure to brush the hair completing as well as mist the hair with a heat protective spray before using the ceramic flat iron to prevent the hair from getting damaged due to heat. Try to divide a one inch section of hair and clamp it inside the tongs of the ceramic flat iron. Start moving the ceramic flat iron gently and slowly toward the end of your hair. Repeat this method until you have straightened all of the hair that is divided into sections. You can also use the ceramic flat iron once more on the section that has any extra-lumpy pieces of hair which resist becoming straight.
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