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Illusion Ponytail


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An illusion ponytail can be created with extra-long and luscious cascading locks. It is a way to styling the hair to get a glamorous swept-up look with natural locks without any hair extensions. This hairstyle can be created with few styling products along with small techniques and mid-length hair.
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First comb the hair from root to end to remove bumps with a hair brush. Then make a horizontal part at the middle of left ear and around the back of your head with the tip of a fine-tooth comb. Next twist and secure the top section of your hair above the horizontal part with a large clip. Next create a low ponytail with the bottom section of hair to make the ponytail sit about an inch over your natural hairline at bottom of the head. Comb the hair to remove the bumps and wrap the ponytail with hair elastic. Now take the top of your hair from hair clip to create a second ponytail which will sit at the center of back of your head. Try to smooth out any bumps with the help of a hair brush and wrap hair elastic around your second ponytail. Take about one wide section of hair at the bottom of your top ponytail and wrap it around the base of both the ponytails to cover the hair ties. Tuck the tips of your hair section at the base of both ponytails and mist it with a hairspray.
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