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Solid Form Haircut


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In a solid form haircut the hair will be cut to one length to add a solid and uniform flow of hair. There will be layers on your head that will be cut into the hair for volume. It is also called as a blunt cut as the hair will naturally follow the shape of your head weighing hair to fall over the bottom of the cut along the perimeter.
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To start the styling process, mist the hair with an even amount of disentangling hairspray all over the hair and leave it to penetrate the strands. Then brush the hair straight out till all the knots are removed. Use tail end of the rat-tail comb to part your hair horizontally from ear to ear. Secure the rest of your hair over top of your head. Use wide-tooth comb to brush down the parted hair and keep the parted hair down using your fingers of the other dominant hand. The palm must face downward and leave the same amount of hair between the fingers. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush the freshly cut section and cut off any dangling ends. Take enough hair from the clips on top of your head to make a center part in horizontal fashion from right hairline to left hairline depending on the direction which is more comfortable. At last mist the hair with a disentangling hairspray and cut the hair to remove more hair that will meet the hair cut at the nape.
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