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Subtle Ring Curls


subtle ring curls subtle ring curls2
Having a hairstyle with subtle ring curls can be a perfect choice for a special event such as wedding. There are many celebrities who like to style their hair in this way as it can give a very impressive look.  Here is a simple process that can used to create this hairstyle in no time.
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To get this hairstyle, first shampoo your hair and condition it with a product that is specially made for your hair type. Now spread a little amount of mousse all over the hair to help the hair to become frizz-free by adding hydration. Then blow dry the hair with a medium heat setting and make sure to point the nozzle downward to dry the hair. Use a round-bristle brush to make the hair smooth while using the blow dryer that can help to add soft waves in the strands. Separate the hair into four equal sections and secure it with large butterfly clips at the top, near the crown, sides as well as nape. Spritz the hair with a volumizing hairspray and twist a two-inch section starting from the hairline around the barrel of 1 inch curling iron. Keep the iron vertically on your head and make the hot barrel to stay in the hair for about 5 seconds. Try to curl your hair from the front of the head to back till you create a head full of curls. Mist the hair again with a medium-hold hairspray to end the styling process.
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