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Thermal Hair Straightening Process


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Thermal hair straightening is one of the most popular way to achieve a perfectly straight and shiny hair permanently. This is a perfect method that can be used to get rid of waves or curls in your hair. The thermal hair straightening works by chemically adjusting the structure of your hair which is sometimes looks wavy with kinky structure.
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This process usually does away with frizzes in the hair which gives a healthy and natural look. Just like other salon process, a thermal hair straightening is a very long and arduous process.  If you have a curly, wavy or long hair, this process can take an entire day to complete as the hair will be straightened in small, two inch sections. The thermal hair straightening lasts from 6-8 months before it must be redone again. This process makes the hair permanently straight and there is no need to blow dry the hair every morning, but you cannot curl it. It is a chemical process that has stripped your hair from its former texture and it is not suitable for those who don’t want to have a board-straight hair. This styling process usually involves chemicals that can be done only by a salon professional. The harsh chemicals are usually combined with intense heat from flat iron that can cause significant damage to the hair causing breakage. You can do this at home by those who have lot of practice of using the thermal hair straightening.
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