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Tiger Striped Hairstyle


tiger stripe hair tiger stripe hair2
A tiger striped hairstyle can give a very unique look for those who like to style their hair in a unique way. It is easy to achieve this bold look at home by starting with an orange-hued base color as well as adding black tiger stripes. In case the hair is dark you will have to strip the color beforehand and those with natural redheads can skip a few steps.
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First wash the hair as usual with a shampoo and wear hand gloves to continue the styling process. Use the hair bleach as per the instructions on the product and leave the hair to dye fully. Apply orange-hued color on your hair using a comb from the roots avoiding your scalp. Wear a shower cap on your head and leave the color to set in as per the specified instructions. Take the shower cap to rinse the hair with cold water and use the hair conditioners all over the head. Blow dry the hair till it becomes completely dry and Separate the vertical chunks of hair in a striped pattern with bobby pins. Now spread the black hair color as instructed and keep the strips of your hair away from the head. Then comb the hair color in the hair and wrap each chunk in tin foil to keep it away from the orange hair. Use the same process on the others part of the hair and leave the hair color to set on its own.
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