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Hair Color With A Glaze


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Having a hairstyle with a glaze can give a very unique look on any type of hair. The hair color glaze can perk the hair color a little bit without giving a drastic change to your look. It can also make your hair color last till the color is used. Here is a simple process that can helpful in adding glaze to the hair without going to hairstylist.
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First wash the hair a day before starting the styling procedure and leave it without conditioning it or using any styling products. Pour the conditioner in the applicator bottle and add one tablespoon of shampoo. Then take the hair color gel bottle and use into the conditioner. Open the hair color developer creme and add included aroma oils. Try to mix and shake the well. In case you have a short hair, use 1/3 of the developer and color gel. Start applying the hair color glaze as per the directions on the hair color box and make sure to set your timer. If you want a hint of color and brightness, try to cut back the recommended time to 5-15 minutes. For more color, try to leave it on for the recommended amount of time. You must rinse the hair only after 24 hours. Do not use the hair glaze more than once during a month if you are regularly coloring hair and also do not store the mixed hair color as it can cause chemical reaction in the bottle.
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