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Hairstyle With Wrapped Locs


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Wrapping locks are one of the most popular way of styling the natural hair. It is a hairstyle that can sometimes be very difficult to style as well as manage. Using a scarf to wrap the locs can add more style to your look which is much easier to manage. Here is a method that can used to wrap the locs.
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First pull the locs back of your head to create a ponytail and secure it with a ponytail holder. In case the locs are not long to create the ponytail, use the fingers to pull the hair back. Take the long edge of the scarf at the front of your hair line and try to pull it tightly to keep it in place just like tucking the sides of scarf behind the ears. Start crossing the two dangling ends of your scarf in the back below your hair and try to bring them around over the front of your head. In case there is enough of the scarf left try to cross it over again in the front by bringing the ends around to back of the head. If there is no longer enough scarf to wrap around the head, you can just tuck the free ends below the edge of the scarf. Next move the wrap to check the tightness and it slides freely, unwrap the scarf to repeat the same process again by pulling the ends of your scarf tighter around the head.
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