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Methods To Remove Stringy Ends


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Stringy ends in the hair can give damaged and unhealthy look. It is not easy to style the hair which has stringy ends as it occurs due to thinning of hair. There are many people who face this problem due to various reasons and everyone must follow the same process to get rid of the stringy ends. You can just follow these simple steps to get rid of stringy ends in the hair at home without going to a hairstylist.
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Before going to the styling process, first go to a hairstylist to trim the hair ends with regular haircuts. Then brush the hair to remove the tangles in the hair slowly and gently using a wide-toothed comb. Mist the hair with a protein-enhanced detangling hairspray before brushing the hair with a natural-bristle brush and wash the hair. Comb the hair in the morning using the natural-bristle brush and use a heat protectant hairspray before using any heat tool on the hair such as blow-dryer or a curling iron. Make sure to mist the hair completely with the hairspray and avoid straightening or curling the wet hair as it can damage the hair leading to split ends. Give a hot oil treatment to the hair at least once a week by following the instructions on the kit and mainly apply it to the ends. This treatment can help the hair to keep away from breaking and becoming stringy without following any special process.
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