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Relaxing A Permed Hair


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Using perms in the hair can sometimes look completely differently than expected as the hair may not take the curl enough that are too tight. In case the curls are too much on your head and find it difficult to style it, you can just make them straight to solve the problem. Permed hair is usually known to relax on its own only after a couple of weeks. Try to treat the hair gently while using the perm as it can damage them very easily.
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First use a moisturizing shampoo to wash the hair after the perm as usual and rinse it continuously until the water comes out clean. Give a deep-conditioning treatment or hot oil treatment to the hair and brush it with a fine tooth comb to distribute it evenly throughout your hair. Leave the hair for about an hour and use hair masks that are similar to deep conditioners on the hair. These hair masks can help to nourish and treat your hair. You can also get help from a hair care professional for using chemical relaxers which is usually used to straighten the hair. The hair care professional will try to assess the condition of your hair before giving any treatment. Use a leave-in conditioner on the hair which tends to weigh hair down by loosening the curls. The final option would be using a de tangling hairspray which is also good leave-in options to relax your hair.
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