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Demi Permanent Hair Color


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A demi-permanent hair color can be the perfect choice for those who keep the color in their hair for a long time. It does not damage your hair so much as the permanent color does due to the lack of ammonia. This hair color is mainly used on the hair to color greys and it can last between 12-24 washings. Avoid using this hair color if you have a light hair. Before starting the hairstyling process, purchase a demi-permanent hair color kit from a retail store and each hair color has different applicator, so make sure to get the right one.
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First wash the hair as usual and dry it fully. Avoid using any hair products such as hair gel or hairspray. You can spread a light application of petroleum jelly on the hairline to prevent staining. Wear latex gloves on your hands to prevent staining on the fingernails. Use the applicator that was provided along with the hair color to use it over the hair and make sure it is applied evenly to the desired area. Leave the hair to set for about15 minutes and rinse the hair completely with water. You can use a little amount of shampoo to wash the hair to remove any scalp stains. Then dry the hair as usual and style it as per your desire. During the styling process, avoid using the demi-permanent hair color on your skin or cloths as the color does stain.
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