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Denise Richards With Puffy Bouffant


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Denise Richards has got a puffy bouffant hairstyle which used be one of the most worn hairstyle among many celebrities in the 1960s. In this hairstyle, your will have puffy bouffant on top the head that will be pulled up with maximum height using different styling products. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for a special party or any formal event.
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To achieve this style, first take a section of hair near the crown of your head about four inches wide and secure it in different ways such as at the sides, front and pull the crown section in your hand. Try to lift the crown section of your hair with a fine-tooth comb by teasing the section of hair at the back side of your head. Now tease hair from top of your shaft down till the root using the back-combing method. Use the same method as many times till the section of hair comes like a raised nest of hair over the top of your head. Mist the underside of the back-combed section using a hairspray and pull crown section at the back of your head for securing it with bobby pins. Now comb the top layer of your hair using a wire-bristle brush and try to fold the hair at the back to make a bouffant. Use only bobby pins to secure the hair and tuck the ends of the hair under at the nape of your neck.
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