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Change Relaxed Hair Into Natural Hair


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The hair which has been relaxed can look very much straight than any other hair. But you can change the relaxed hair into a curly hair that can be a difficult transition, but it is not impossible. There are a number of hairstyles and suggestions which can be used to get back your natural hair back.
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Growing your hair is a very important step in this process which needs lot of patience and the hair must grow in a length of 1/2 inch per month to truly grow out the relaxed hair. Cut your hair as many inches as possible to get fresh hair which is the fastest ways to change the relaxed hair into natural hair. Try to style the hair in cornrows till the natural hair grows out and it will allow you to get a stylish look. Add extensions with your hair which can help to get volume in the hair and make the transition from relaxed hair to a natural hair. Try to wear a wig which is another option to change the hair from relaxed to natural. This will help to make the hair curly near the roots and rest of the hair will be straight. You can also wear a wig will to maintain a uniform look in the hair and after the hair grows to a ideal length try to style as it as per your desire. The final and very bold option would be shaving your hair completely.
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