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Double Twist Ponytail


double twist ponytail double twist ponytail2
A double twist ponytail is one of the most simple and beautiful ways of styling the hair which is medium to long in length. This style is mostly like to by teenagers who style their hair in this manner very often. You must have few important styling products to create this hairstyle at home on your own such as a rat-tail comb, hair bands, flower clip, hairspray and a spray bottle. There is no need to make any special arrangement in your hair to start the styling process as it can be created on any type of hair at any point of time. You can just follow this simple and easy method to get this style within minutes.
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Start the styling process by parting the hair straight down the middle of your head and then try to twist the hair away from the face jus nest to the part by adding hair gradually. Twist the hair until you reach the middle of the head at the back and then twist the second side of your hair in the same way. After reaching the middle of your head, try to twist the hair down to about two inches above hairs end. Use bottom rubber band first to hold the twist in place and then add the top rubber band in place. Now you can place the top rubber band at the nape of your neck and add a ribbon in the hair only if required.
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