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Kristen Bell With Sassy Updo


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Kristen Bell has got a sassy updo that can be a best hairstyle for a special event like a wedding. It is very easy to achieve this style by using the correct styling products to make it stay on your head for a long time. There are many people who considered this hair style as the perfect choice for a prom and other numerous occasions. It is also a suitable hairstyle for all type of faces and it is also worn by many celebrities in the present day who have been seen on the red carpet.
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In this style, there will be a messy updo on to of the head which will be swept at the back towards the middle of your head to achieve a sassy profile. The side parts will be swept up to secure it into a cascade that will fall from top of your crown towards the nape of the neck. The style is very simple and easy to create which also gives instant sassiness mixed look. First the hair must be divided into different sections and each of them must be set in a hot roller to make the curls. Then spritz all over the hair with a small amount of shining hairspray to make the hairstyle look attractive. This style can be worn in all weather conditions and it will also consume just 15-20 minutes to create it depending on the size and type of hair.
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