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Lightening A Processed Hair


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A processed hair can be very difficult to lighten in case you have colored, chemically straightened or permed it. Lightening the hair color can be a very tricky process, but there are a few tricks can be used to achieve it on your hair gradually without causing any damage to the already processed hair.
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First take two tbsp of powdered cinnamon in a bowl which is known to be a natural lightening agent which will not affect the straightened or permed hair. Then add one tbsp of olive oil along with one egg yolk to the cinnamon and mix it well. The olive oil and the egg yolk will help to spread the cinnamon through your hair evenly, but it will also provide natural moisturizing elements to the lightening remedy. Slightly dampen the hair with water and brush it thoroughly to get rid of any tangles. No start applying the cinnamon mixture to your hair evenly from root to tip. Then brush through the hair again only if needed to spread the mixture. Create a bun with your hair and use a hair clip to secure the hair in place after the cinnamon mixture is distributed through the hair completely. Try to cover the head with a shower cap to leave the mixture on your hair overnight. Now wash the hair as usual in the morning and look at the hair color. In case you want hair to be a shade lighter, try to repeat the lightening process.
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