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Teyana Taylor With Crochet Weave


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Teyana Taylor is having a crochet hair weave that is one of the trendiest ways of styling the hair. This hairstyle is very simple to create that can give a completely dramatic look for anyone who wears it. Adding the crochet weave in the hair can give a very protective hairstyle as the real hair will not be visible. This hairstyle is expected to take more time when compared to other similar hairstyle and it can be worn with any type of hair. Just follow these simple steps to create this hairstyle without getting help from anyone.
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To create this style, first try to part your hair in the middle and braid your hair which goes to the back in cornrows. Next use the sewing needle to sew end of the cornrow for braiding the hair with a basic stitch sewing method. Then cut a thread at the end of the needle and create a sturdy knot to divide the hair cornrow to make a base. Mist your hair with a holding hairspray all over and slip a crochet needle in the first cornrow near to your ear from the hairline. Use a piece of crocheting weave to wrap it around a hook of the crochet needle. Try to cover a latch on the crochet needle and pull your hair halfway through the braid. Now take both ends of the crochet hair to make a knot to keep the hair in place.
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