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Dealing With Natural Hair Spirals


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Having natural spiral curls in your hair can give a very beautiful look that is usually achieved with few hair types. This type of hair also needs special care to make it look best. There are few important styling techniques that must be followed to treat natural spiral curls and sometimes styling them can make the hair shaft weak that will be difficult to support the spiral shape.
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Try to get a trim at least once in a month. If you have a lengthy hair, then hair can drag the spiral curls to make it look unkempt. Getting a layered haircut to maintain the hair every day as it can help to thin out the hair which will make it rest on top of the head. Try to use hairstyling products which can help to add moisture in the hair for taking care of the frizz. Mist the hair with a styling product to scrunch the hair curls using the palms. Comb the hair when it is wet and try to wash your coarse curls about once in a week. Condition your hair using a protein base as it can help to make the more spirals stronger. Avoid tangling the hair over your head while washing the hair with a shampoo and massage it using the fingers. Use the diffuser to blow dry the hair instead of using a blow dryer which will loosen the curls making the hair much more frizzier.
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