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Hairstyle With Half Wig


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There are many people who, like to style their hair in different ways using various styling methods, but some of them achieve this look by wearing half wigs which can be done very quickly. Wearing half wigs can be the best choice to avoid damage to the hair that is caused due to hairstyling tools.
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First get the hair wig suitable for your hair. Make sure there are combs over the front as well as back of the wig which will be used to cover real hair or part the real hair over. Try to use the half wig and not a full wig as it can cover the entire head. Start the styling by parting the hair over the front parameter at the left ear by moving toward the right ear placing the comb straight about one inch from your hairline. Brush your hair forward to keep it in place using hair clip and try to braid rest of your hair with circular pattern for adding more traction to the combs on your wig. Try to braid your hair back or brush it at the center of head and keep it in place using bob pins. Wear a half wig by keeping the part intact and braid it in place. Use front comb in the wig to secure it inside the braid using one inch of real hair and keep the wig centered with the nose. Secure the wig within the braid using back comb.
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