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Rolled Hair Braid


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A rolled hair braid is a perfect hairstyle for special events only like a wedding or a prom. This hairstyle has been there for a long time where most of the women used to wear it. It can give a refined elegance look when worn along with a perfect outfit.
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First you must part your hair straight down the middle by dividing as two different sections. Then comb the section till it become fully smooth and apply a little amount of mousse. Secure the section which are not used for the styling process and separate 1-2 inch section near the hairline of loose side over the three sections. Keep left section of the hair under center section for pulling it taut. Then keep right section over new center section for pulling it taut for creating the braid. Take one inch section over left section to pass the entire section just below the center and do this on the other side as well. While passing your hair under center section every time try to incorporate more wide piece of hair for braiding the cleaves to your scalp. Continue the braiding process till you reach nape of your neck and secure braid using a hair tie. Take hair ties out of the braids and brush unbraided hair to make it smooth. Now fold your left side on the center and right side on the center till you run out of hair strands. Finally secure the braid using a hair tie.
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