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Trimming A Relaxed Hair


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Trimming a relaxed hair can keep it in shape for a long time without getting a damaged hair. Split ends can occur due to heat from the blow dryers and other appliances. Relaxed hair is usually cut by hairstylist in different shapes to provide a very interesting hairstyle, but it can be done on your own.
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Before starting the hairstyling process, make sure that your hair is completely dry, which is the best choice to achieve the hairstyle you care looking for. Cutting the hair when it is still damp can make it look frizz. Pull the hair layers and divide it into different smaller sections. There must be about 8-10 of hair and keep them in place using hair clip. Go to the back of your head and slightly move through each section of the hair. Brush through your hair section using wide tooth comb and keep last two inches of your hair between the two fingers. Use the dominant hand for trimming the ends of the hair about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Look at the end of the hair if it is frizzy that must be cut about an inch and more. Repeat this step again on all over the relaxed hair. It is important to get haircuts about 4-6 weeks to maintain the hair perfectly. Try to use a small amount of hair oil over the ends which will add more moisture over the hair reducing the dryness that can cause split ends.
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