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Using A Roller On Relaxed Hair


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A relaxer hair can be set in a roller to add more volume to the hair without damaging it. There are few women who like to set their hair in the rollers in the night to get a good looking hairstyle in the morning. It is important to have good practice of using the roller to achieve this style. You must keep your hair damp during the styling process which will be able to provide a nice set.
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Try to wash the hair thoroughly before using the leave-in hair conditioner. Try to spread the hair conditioner all over your hair and dry it using a hair dryer. Always use the rollers over a dry hair as rolling the wet hair will be able to give bad results. Use tail comb with long pointy end for brushing the hair to get rid of any tangles. Separate the hair in three different parts such as top, middle of your head and base of your head. Try twisting your hair in sections and secure it using metal clip. Now take the first part of your hair and pull piece of hair to mist it with a hairspray. Brush through the hair and use a roller over the ends of a section. Wrap your hair ends in the roller till the scalp and secure it using two hair clips. Use the same technique all over your head with the help of a roller and leave it for drying for about two hours.
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