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Coloring Hair With Spray


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There are hairsprays that can be used to color the hair temporarily that can last until you wash the hair. It is very easy to use the color sprays on the hair without getting help from a hairstylist. There are different colors available as a spray that can be used on your hair to get a very unique look suitable for a special event such as Halloween. This type of hairstyle can give a very interesting look when it is styled on a dark hair, so you can try to use some lighter color on the hair.
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It is important to wash the hair before using the color spray on it to create a clean base for your hairspray to stay on for a long period of time. Make sure that the hair is fully dry as the color may look uneven when the hair damp giving a very stiff look. The color spray is usually used on the hair about 4-12 inches away from head by following the instructions mentioned on the product they are using. To achieve an all-over color in a longer hair, first secure the hair in place and begin the styling underneath the layer of your hair. Leave the hair layer to dry on its own after spraying it with the color as per your desire and then take another section to spray it in the same way till you reach the top layer of your hair.
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