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Methods To Defrizz Hair Curls


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Defrizz curls can give a smooth look that is mostly liked by every women who has medium to long hair. There are few hair products that can make the hair to frizz and improper drying can also be one of the reasons behind it.
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First condition the hair as usual and use a deep conditioner to do this. Leave the conditioner on the hair for few minutes after washing it. Avoid using the hair products which has drying ingredients and alcohol as it can dry your hair causing frizz. Blot the hair after getting a shower and avoid using a towel to dry the hair which can cause static as well as frizz. Try to blot the hair with a thin hair drying towel. Wash the hair alternate days as washing it every day can remove the natural oil from it causing frizz. Apply hair serum. Various hair product manufacturers sell anti frizz serum that will relax your natural curls. Use a anti-frizz serum all over your comb teeth and brush through the hair evenly. Adding little amount of moisturizer can be worked like a anti-frizz serum. Brush the hair using plastic bristle combs to create very less static in your hair which are the main reasons behind the frizz. Get a haircut regularly by trimming it at least once in 4-6 weeks to prevent split ends. It can also help to keep the hair smooth by reducing flyaways and damaged ends.
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