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Piggyback Hair Perm


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A piggyback hair perm is a completely different when compared to a standard perm as the hair will be wrapped in the perm rods in this. This process is mainly used on the longer hair that will be wrapped around a perm rod that is not possible with a shorter hair. It helps to provide an even effect all over the hair along with beautiful curls.
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First wash your hair when it is still damp hair and then divide it into about six sections. Secure each of them using hair clips. Next take a thin section from the hair using a point handled comb and keep a perming rod over the middle of hair strand. Try to wrap end of your hair after sending it around the tool and keep it to one side of the head. Star rolling the perming rod till the base of your head and keep the second perming rod near the end of your hair strand. Roll your rod using the hair strand at the base of your head and secure end of the rod at the base rod. Repeat this process all over the head and make sure to use perm solution on each rod by following the instructions on the styling kit. Now take perm solution out of the hair by rinsing it using warm water for about 5 minutes and then dry it thoroughly using paper towels. Finally use neutralizing solution and remove the hair from rods for washing it.
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