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Shiny Relaxed Hair


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Using relaxers on the hair can cause hair breakage due to strong chemicals are involved during the process. Following this method for several months can lead to hair loss. The hair may lose its shine when it is completely straightened using the relaxers which can be solved by following these simple steps. There are many people who don’t know how to get back the shiny look on their relaxed hair.
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Start by washing and conditioning process on your hair at least once in 2-3 days. Use the shampoo from root to end of the hair and rinse it using cool water. Make sure to apply the conditioner over the ends of the hair and leave it for about five minutes. Get the deep conditioning done on the hair about once a week and always use it only after shampooing. Applying the leave-in conditioner on your hair after the shower can add lubrication to your hair which will remove the knots as well as tangles. You will be able to add shine in your hair using the ant frizz shine serum by applying it in little amount which can help to restore the glossy appearance on the hair. Leave the hair to dry on its own whenever possible without using a blow dryer to prevent more damage to the relaxed hair. Wrap the hair with satin bonnet before going to bed in the night to avoid further damage as well as breakage to your hair.
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