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Hairstyle With Blue Highlights


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Highlighting your hair blue can give a completely new look. The blue highlights are usually meant only for lightening small strands of your hair that can give a shiny look. It is important to create the highlights which are much lighter blue when compared to the base color.
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First mix the lightening powder along with 20-volume cream developer as per manufacturer’s directions. Make sure to it becomes thick enough to apply it over the hair and wash you must also wash the hair a day before the styling process. Look around your head to check the places where the highlights will be used such as on top part of the head. Weave end of rat tail comb by taking a section of your hair and divide it into several small strands. Keep a strand in your hand and secure the rest away from the styling process. Take a hair foil 1/2 inch and fold it at the end of rat tail comb. Push your comb using the foil just below the hair strand and secure it in your scalp. Now you can use the bleach mixture on the hair strands using a tint brush and avoid creasing the folds as it can cause banding effect. Use the same technique to highlight the rest of the strands that was secure earlier and leave the bleach on the head for about 15-20 minutes. Now wash the hair and leave the hair to dry on its own.
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