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Hairstyle With Tapered Bangs


tapered bangs tapered bangs2
Tapered bangs is a perfect way to style the hair to get a completely new look. It is very easy to style the bangs in normal ways, but it can be made more unique in this way. This hairstyle is slightly arched to get attention to the eyes depending on thickness of the bangs.
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<> on October 11, 2012 in Hollywood, California. <> the premiere of "Camp Rock" on June 11, 2008 in New York.
This style can be created in different ways with side part, middle part and without part. Brush the hair when it is still damp on the forehead and comb it vertically over the crown of the head about off center to create a line which will reach from back of your crown till the middle of brow bone. Comb your hair on the part slightly forward and brush the bangs forward to style the hair as usual. You can also brush the wet hair forward on the forehead and slice your comb vertically over the center on top of the head creating a line from back of your till the center of the crown. Brush your hair on the part over the sides and pull the bangs forward. To achieve this style without any part, first brush the hair when it is slightly damp and back comb the hair near the crown of the head. Brush it at the sides away from the face to divide your hair longer from the shorter. Finally brush the bangs over the forehead with a slight angle and style it as usual.
<> at Hotel De Rome on January 19, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. tapered bangs8

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