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Using Powder On Your Hair


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Cleaning the hair is a must to maintain it healthy and in some cases if you want to go out without washing the hair it may become greasy and oily. There is a simple way to treat the unwashed hair by using the talcum powder. Talcum powder is also used in the cosmetic place to keep your hair free from the moisture. This technique is usually followed only at home and there is no need to get any suggestion from a hair specialist.
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First take talcum powder about one cup in a small bowl or you can also use a baby power which contains talcum powder. Use the powder brush to dip into talcum powder and try to dust it over roots of the hair. You can also dust it at the sides and base of the neck instead of doing it on top of the head. Leave the powder for about five minutes to set and brush it all over the hair to get rid of any excess of talcum powder. Work the brush over your hair by starting on the bangs as well as at the back of your head. Make sure to check your brush often to look for buildup. In case there is any buildup on the head try to tap your brush over the edge of a sink for dislodging. You can use the same method all over the hair till it gets a completely clean look.
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